(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

Status Updates

Snapping snapchats and sending them to no one

Burst into my bubble

I blow my bubble

Break my bubble

touch trees

insert sext about this lab report

(Source: Spotify)

Status Update 26

I’m working out my transition and getting passing grades so

Girl find solace in the fact I still like you a lot.

updating my status

Confused by the dicotomy of your references but can’t dwell on it eom

updating my status

long good day

girl you have no patience and can’t say yes

i was not talking to you online earlier tonight

remember when I wanted to be around you? Look where the time went lol

texting you is so fun

okay now were serious

question: why so many no’s

beauteous scare tactics

you never said yes. I TRIED to put in the time I had

i’m sure you had your reasons. this is my gripe. My iPod is dying. Do you want to date or not. I hate ultimatums. But want to be around you.

Seems more difficult than I can deal with, and you are impatient. Reiterate.

much impatient vs my patience when you said no to simple

Girl school is time consuming. if you can’t deal with it, your loss. and mine. Finding a job is time consuming. I asked you months ago to respect the time i had. lol

its always contending

beat it to death

entirely relying on your yes if you want to hang out

nothing else works imo

believe the two-faced

what’s new

"what’s good at home"

i just read a song translation and i liked it fyi

such literal word expulsion from me

literally bothered by the dicotomy demonstrated thus far

but that’s how it is i spose

maybe you’ll agree to “something” sometime

you talk but actions spoke louder thus far

I will only watch live theater that features strippers

so angry I lol

boil my blood all day

photograph me using this seating area

This is v distracting when trying to update your status

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Status Updates 25

Pointed status update


compose my instagram entirely of iPhone screenshots

of Facetime calls


Kurt McRobert

Status Updates 24

cat licking in a dogpile

no one likes a whiner

red eye war on drugs

altogether too preoccupied

I see you, Pete Wentz

  • Summer Nights by Black Cards: I only wanted fun, then you got me all messed up on love.
  • Where Did the Party Go by Fall Out Boy: You know I only wanted fun then you got me all fucked up on love.